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The Three Conversations of Leadership

 A Training Program Designed to Improve Critical Relationships at Work

  We all have work relationships that aren’t working. This is not surprising, given how the pressure of time and need for results can cause people to have impact they don’t intend. What is surprising, however, is the lack of skill and ability most people have to deal with the relationships that aren’t working.

Leaders want to make their relationships work, they want to give performance reviews that make a difference, they want to give informal feedback that improves clarity and performance, and they want to be better leaders. Most, unfortunately, are just not sure where to begin.


Enrich your Conversations with the Three Conversations Approach

The Three Conversations of Leadership provides leaders with the Emotional Intelligence tools and strategies needed to build effective relationships at work; not only to deal with the relationships at risk that keep them up at night but to grow the kind of robust relationships that drive great results.

In this program, participants develop the crucial Emotional Intelligence skills needed to more effectively:

  • Give honest and candid feedback
  • Hold people accountable
  • Deliver bad news
  • Engage people when rolling out change; and,
  • Speak truth when there is tension and conflict


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~Martin Luther King Jr.


Emotional Intelligence Training: Managing Emotions in the Conversation

The key to having effective conversations is to manage the emotions that are present for both people in the conversation. Whether you are planning to have a daily, difficult or courageous conversation, The Three Conversations of Leadership helps to shed light on what emotions might be driving behaviour for both people.

Once the underlying emotions are identified and acknowledged, leaders can more effectively manage their own emotional state and the states of those around them, in order to communicate more effectively.


Learning Outcomes…

Participants will:

  • Understand the three conversations of leadership – the daily, the difficult and the courageous.
  • Be able to build relationships based on the trust and respect that comes with having effective Daily Conversations. 
  • Learn and practice techniques for having Difficult Conversations:
  • Give honest and candid feedback without leaving the other person feeling “beaten up”
  • Hold people accountable in an engaging way
  • Give bad news or say, “no” in a way that ensures the person still feels valued
  • Begin to learn the Art of Courageous Conversations: techniques to speak your truth when tension and conflict are impacting an important relationship.


Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Coaching creates the long term focus necessary for real change. Coaching will make the difference between reaching your potential and remaining stuck in past behavioural habits. The Three Conversations of Leadership program includes 4 of Questiam’s Highly effective one on one integrative Coaching Sessions.

The Three Conversations of Leadership Offers Peace of Mind.

The Three Conversations of Leadership gives leaders new insight into what is getting in the way of their most important work, and personal, relationships. It provides them with the basic Emotional Intelligence tools they need to more effectively have the conversations that matter and drive results. Leaders will also find peace of mind by finally dealing with issues they know they need to deal with.


Most programs are available as a one hour talk; a half day workshop; or as a six session coaching program. For more information on how to register for this great program, or other amazing opportunities like it, click to Email Sharon, or Book an Information Call for details.