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The Biology of Conflict

This two hour interactive exploration of conflict in the workplace is meant to help you learn about human emotional biology, showing you how to work with our shared emotional systems in order to move through discord smoothly, and with minimal damage. Develop skills necessary for recognizing easy to miss warning signs to help you avert angry responses to acquire a win-win outcome. Discover the five universal triggers, and the needs you can fill to keep your staff and customers happy, engaged, and productive. Finally, learn about the positive function of conflict, and how to reframe differences of opinion as creative opportunities, and as a function of natural processes of relating. Watch the positivity in your workplace soar as you learn to relate to conflict in a stress free, and productive manner. 

Most programs are available as a one hour talk; a half day workshop; or as a six session coaching program. For more information on how to register for this great program, or other amazing opportunities like it, click to Email Sharon, or Book an Information Call for details.