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The Confident Leader

“A unique and powerful approach to developing leadership presence. “

What is this elusive quality called leadership presence? How do I develop it in myself?


In this combination live training with telephone coaching follow up program Sharon Lewis and Tamara Younker work with you to help you understand what keeps you from displaying the confidence and presence that you suspect you may be capable of and that you know is required to succeed! 

Leadership presence and confidence are inextricably linked. But contrary to popular belief presence doesn’t come from confidence or vice versa. Instead, confidence and presence come from the absence of something we’re all taught is valuable and essential. What if your confidence and your presence aren’t qualities that have to be developed through hard slogging, trial and error and the wisdom gleaned from making mistakes? What if it was easier than that? What if clearing up some sticky misconceptions allowed the confident you out?

  • If you think your level  of confidence comes from your life experiences
    (but you wish it didn’t)
  • If you know you want more confidence and more presence
  • If you don’t know how to develop that confidence

 then this is your program. 

Program Dates for Q3 2013 are Pending