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Avoiding Conflict Avoidance

What if you could develop an approach orientation that transforms conflict into an opportunity for collaborative, creative change? 

Delivery Dates :  
July 23 Teleclass 3-5 Eastern – Available Worldwide $40.00     Register and Purchase

Does any of this apply to you?

  • Do you know you avoid conflict like the plague?denial
  • Do you recognize that the problems created from not dealing with conflict quickly escalate, but you still can’t quite bring yourself to enter into those challenging conversations?
  • Can’t bring yourself to give your employees necessary feedback?
  • Trouble saying no?
  • Putting up with people and situations that drain your energy?
  • Would you like to have complete ease, confidence and peace in situations of conflict?
  • Are you tired of getting feedback  or encouragement that essentially says ‘just do it’ and never tells you how or gives you tools?
  • Do you find yourself giving in, giving in, giving in, until you can’t stand it anymore – and then you really do some damage?
  • Are you taking out the frustrations in one area of your life on people who don’t deserve it in other areas of your life?
  • Have you taken ‘dealing with difficult people’ courses that left you flat, anxious or frustrated?
  • If you could engage quickly, easily, gently and powerfully where you were previously afraid to step in would you learn how?
  • If you could approach conflict without having to get yourself revved up with either anger or extreme frustration before you did would you want that?

What you can expect:

Join us for two information packed hours that will leave you feeling relieved about where you are right now, excited about what you’re now capable of handling and eager to resolve all those nagging problems that you’ve been putting off. In addition learn:

  • What’s going on in your brain when Conflict happens?
  • The unexamined, pervasive thing you’re REALLY avoiding when you avoid conflict.
  • How to develop the secret mojo that allows you to supercharge the effectiveness of every tool and technique you ever learned but never used for ‘dealing with conflict’
  • The seldom used ridiculously obvious tool we never use to keep the people you’re dealing with calm
  • How to take the pressure off yourself so you can step into these conversations with ease
  • Two types of conflict one which is easy and one which is hard and why we keep doing the hard one when the easy one is so easy.
  • The unconscious mindset you’re probably operating from that is ruining your best attempts and how to change it 

These two hours are also packed with new language and techniques to use during times of conflict

In addition, for attending this class you’ll also get these valuable bonuses:
(worth between ($670 and $3000 depending on your choices)

  1. A “clearing loop” to play for yourself that will totally transform how you feel about conflict. ($20 value)
  2. An mp3 recording of the class to listen to again and again at your leisure. Take your learning that much deeper with repetition – all for free! (a $40 – $400 value)
  3. A transcript of the class for you to read over if you’re a visual learner. ( $20 value)
  4. A 50 % discount on single coaching calls or coaching packages purchased within 3 days of the course. In case you have a particularly challenging situation you want to talk through in private (a $60-$600 value)
  5. A 25% discount on “radical conflict resolution” services . (a $500 – $1000 value)
  6. A 25% discount for up to 5 of your friends to attend this same course(on referrals you provide within 3 days of the course) (a $10 – $50 value)
  7. A 50% discount on the whole course package  (loop, recording and transcript) that you can gift to up to 5 friends, colleagues or family members.  (All we need is their email address and we’ll get it to them as soon as you get yours) (a $20 – $1000 value)