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Leading Your Life in a Crisis

Crisis Happen. Job loss, divorce, death, illness, financial calamity, aging parents, kids going off the rails, and untold other unexpected events. You’re probably re-acting now. Maybe things feel out of control? You’re coping but for how long? You’re doing the best you can and might think this is the worst possible time to learn about yourself but what if now was the perfect time to get out in front of this crisis and start turning your life in the direction you’ve always wanted.

Perhaps you’ve lived your life doing your best to avoid just this kind of problem and yet here you are. Not only are you overwhelmed, you feel like all that effort was just wasted. And that’s adding insult to injury.

Maybe this crisis has blindsided you. You can’t quite believe it. You’re in shock. With no idea where to turn next.

Possibly, you’ve seen this coming for a long time now but you were hoping you were just being pessimistic. Now you’re kicking yourself for not taking action sooner.

It’s true that we can’t predict, control or avert every unfortunate event in life. Sometimes we land deep in a mess we just don’t want to be in. Sometimes pain is part of our experience But that does not mean we have to suffer. That does not mean we have to let this painful experience shatter or break us. One thing is true in each and every crisis we encounter. Something is trying to happen. The essence of leading your life in a crisis is finding out what that is, discovering how it serves you, and aligning your very being to bring it about.

Through a thorough exploration of how our thoughts, feelings and emotions work in us and on us using tools from Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Psychology, Coaching and Consciousness Studies we help you develop a radically new relationship with the events and crisis in your life. One that leaves you in the drivers seat. You are capable of changing the story of this crisis from disaster to triumph. And there’s no need to wait until the crisis has passed. Now is the only time you have.

Leading your Life in a Crisis – Class and Group coaching delivery.
Leading your Life in a Crisis – Personal Coaching delivery.