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Dreamstepping Program Overview:

What if….

  • You knew clearly what you wanted?
  • You had the confidence and courage to move toward your dreams?
  • Your heart and your head were finally singing the same tune?
  • Your kids looked up to you and you just knew they were going to thrive?
  • You knew how to listen to the still small voice of intuition whispering infallible directions?
  • You had supportive equally inspired colleagues to help and cheer you on?
  • You knew you could handle life’s curve balls with ease?
  • You had a step by step process for turning dreams into reality?
  • You had all the time, space, money and energy you needed to make your dreams come true?
  • You got off the treadmill and onto the rollercoaster of life?
  • You finally understood the fears that used to stop you and you started blowing past them with ease?
  • You woke up grateful every morning for the joy in your life?

…What would it be like to live that life?

If you’re ready to get clear and get going on creating life as you always dreamed it could be join us for Dreamstepping and learn the transformational life strategies that will bring your dreams to life.

Program includes

  • 3 months of intensive Dreamstepping.
  • Inaugural live workshop where you will learn everything you need to start DreamStepping
  • Three Weekly group coaching calls each month for the term of the program.
  • Midpoint live workshop to track progress, build energy and bust through blocks.
  • Three personal coaching sessions with the course creator, facilitator and coach.
  • MP3 Download of your coaching session for your review after the call.
  • Unlimited email coaching quick check in and laser coaching calls during the term of the program.
  • Final wrap up workshop to celebrate, create structures to keep your momentum going and chart your course forward from the program.
  • 30% discount on future Questiam coaching engagements, assessments and programs.