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Cut That Shit OUT!

How to stop using the tools of Access against you.

You know access is amazing. You’re sure it’s the key that will unlock oh, say…. EVERYTHING. And yet….

Maybe you ‘get it’ but you’re not really ‘working it’ (why didn’t I just…?)

  • Maybe you seem to be frozen in your willingness to choose even though you know choice creates oh, say… EVERYTHING (Oh, fer… what’s it going to take?)
  • Maybe you’re frustrated by a lack of movement or slowing of movement or a backsliding that you don’t really understand.  (Wait! What just happened?)
  • Maybe you now know exactly how you got here last time and oh, look, here we go again?!  (Really? Again?! FML… are you serious??!)
  • Maybe you know there’s freedom here but you actually feel even worse than you did when you were less aware… (WTF?)
  • You’ve been clearing your ass off but you’re damned if your ass isn’t even bigger. (But I thought…)

If Access has changed your frame of mind, melted, undermined or even eliminated ALL your frames of mind,  but has not quite yet created the promised ease joy and glory maybe you’re doing something we kept finding ourselves doing until we noticed the pattern.

Maybe you’re using the tools AGAINST you?

Say WHAT? You can DO that?

Oh yeah baby. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt,

And then we burned the t-shirt ‘cause we CUT THAT SHIT OUT!  (but we really did have T-shirts, matching T-shirts, hers was black, mine was camo – pretty hm?)

We’re tricky little buggers, sneaky too, and oh so cute, if not always all that bright. Only YOU are tricky, sneaky, cute and dopey enough to stop you though!

(And I’m sure there are a couple more pesky little dwarves running around that we can slaughter)

Come and learn the secret – okay, not so secret, pretty obvious really, but we got stuck in them anyway – tricks and traps of the Access Tools

Learn to spot the signals that you’re using a tool against you instead of FOR you and how to CUT THAT SHIT OUT!

And even more importantly discover the judgment-FREE expression of that tool in your life.

Whoosh! That’s better!

It’ll be fun. It’ll be irreverent. It’ll be amazing. You’ll be freakin’ different.


Join Sharon and Tamara for five whole weeks of CUT THAT SHIT OUT!

At the bargain-basement-super-duper-deal-onetimeonly-mega-deal of $150.00 (we didn’t over sell it did we?)

And then stand back baby – ‘cause you know the tools of Access can unlock a turbo-powered YOU!