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Life Leadership Programs

Leading your Life in a Crisis

Crisis Happens. Job loss, divorce, death, illness, financial calamity, aging parents, kids going off the rails, and untold other unexpected events. You’re probably re-acting now. Maybe things feel out of control. You’re coping, but for how long? You’re doing the best you can and you might think this is the worst possible time to learn about yourself and try something new, but what if now was the perfect time to get out in front of this crisis and start turning your life in the direction you’ve always wanted.

Co-Creating Relationships that Work

Drawing on years of relationship experiments, both personal and professional we explore what is possible beyond the current relationship paradigm. With the aim to create playful, loving, allowing and intimate relationships.

Join us for mind blowing, heart expanding ideas and experiments you can take into your own relationships.

Leadership: Essential skills for the Single Parent

Single Parents don’t usually think of themselves as leaders. And yet, parenting is one of the most important leadership jobs there is. Learn the skills and develop the know how of highly effective leaders in service of creating a life for you and your kids beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.


If you’re one of the millions of people with dreams that haven’t quite come true. If you’re feeling stuck and are not sure how to move forward? Learn the steps to take to turn it all around. More, learn about the space between the steps where all the ‘getting-stuck’ happens and how to move through those spots with fun, flow and magic.

Access Consciousness: Tools for Living your Infinite Potential

When you’re ready to start expressing the infinite potential you were born with. The tools of Access Consciousness are weird, they’re wacky and they work. If you want to move your life from struggle, frustration and stuckness to ease joy and glory this is the toolkit you need.

Start Living Your Life

Moving beyond Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Addiction, Migranes, OCD, and Overeating. Discover the underlying issue behind each of these so-called diseases. Wellness is our default state. When we’re experiencing one of the above modern plagues chances are, regardless of the trigger than activated your disease, the root cause and condition has been left untreated. We go there. We show you exactly how you got here and give your the tools to move on and start living your life as it was meant to be lived.