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Life Coaching

Coaching works:

  • If you’re upping your game
  • if you’re in transition
  • if you’re facing challenges you can’t see your way clear of
  • if you’re in a strange state of ennui or malaise
  • if you seem to be surrounded by crazy people and you can’t make sense of anyone’s choices, let alone your own!
  • if you want to trust yourself more or you want to trust other’s more
  • if the changes you really want to make for yourself, your family, your team or your company seem so far out of reach you feel overwhelmed.

If any of the above fit, then you are right where coaches like you to be. What would it be like to work with someone who could help you see this radically uncomfortable space as an absolute gift and help you chart a course through to success with ease, fun and joy? What would it be like to work with someone who knows how to give you access to your ever expanding capacity to lead surely, confidently and with grace?.

Let’s call a spade a spade. You don’t need coaching. No one needs coaching. Humanity has survived for millennia without it. But you might want to ask yourself if you want coaching. And if you do want coaching, pay attention to your desire. Your desire is a compass and it rarely steers you wrong. Your desire is consciousness itself whispering to you about what else might be possible.

Working with a coach is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Working with an excellent coach is an exercise in conscious communication. Although it’s not for the faint of heart, here’s what coaching can be like:

When two individuals come together in the powerful container of the coaching conversation the experience is almost one of thinking aloud with your very best self. Because we both know deeply that I am what you are and you are what I am what we are drawn to is not our individual uniqueness. We are drawn to consciousness; that very same evolutionary, expanding, creative, generative, energy awakening in one another. Consciousness is not interested in the dream of otherness, Consciousness is only ever interested in its own expression in others. When we are conscious, intimacy is ever present, immediate, ecstatic and unsurpassably expansive.

Coaching is about getting off of automatic. Coaching creates and expands Consciousness. And Consciousness creates results, beyond anything your mind can conceive, define or imagine.

Begin by booking a quick information call (no charge – no obligation) to see if coaching is right for you!