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Extended Coaching

Often Leaders who have worked with me consider extending their coaching engagements. If your company is willing to pay for that extended coaching please reach out to me directly at my ihhp email address and I’ll put the IHHP sales team in touch with you. sharon.lewis@ihhp.com  (corporate contract rates apply)

If you are not able to arrange for your company to pick up the tab and you would still like to continue your leadership development journey as a private client of Sharon’s you are welcome to consider the the following extended coaching packages.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

After completing an emotional intelligence training and coaching program we find leaders often want a structure to continue developing their EI over time. This is that structure.

  • 3 monthly calls $600.00     ($200 / session)
  • 6 monthly calls $1110.00    ($185 / session)
  • 12 monthly calls $2100.00  ($175 / session)

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Creative Leadership

Even with a solid capacity to tap into the motivations of your self and others with strong emotional intelligence, we can often get trapped in reactive patterns like over focusing on problem solving, control, compliance or protection. The Creative Leadership program provides two assessments and six months of bi-weekly follow up coaching to help you uncover and change reactive patterns that may be undermining your performance and the performance of your team. Want to step into true change agency? Creative leadership will get you there. $ 3595.00

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Conscious Leadership

For EI savants or graduates of the Creative Leadership program, Conscious leadership delves deeply into adult stages of development advancing your own leadership growth and unlocking the limiters to high performance that can’t be seen from earlier stages of development. Conscious leaders become more intuitive, adaptable and calm. They have a remarkable ability to zero in on the development requirements of their staff and they are adept at having those conversations. Conscious leaders are more strategic and are capable of orchestrating great achievement in more and more chaotic and uncontrollable environments. Truly the leading edge in leadership development. One year of biweekly calls, all content,  pre and post assessments, between call accountability and check-ins as required. $5500.00

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