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Considering Brexit. What do we do now?
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Brexit has happened. We made that choice re-actively. But there are problems with choosing between options or choosing because of complaints. What got us here is not sufficient to take…

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Man playing a guitar
Practicing the Understanding of Leadership
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I was reading a book on coaching and leadership the other day. (I do that sort of thing.) The introduction had a quote by Marshall Goldsmith, a popular executive coach.…

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A Strong Self Means A Strong Contributor.
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This online article about the Taino cultural identity as separate from Hispanic or Latino captured my attention today. My first thought was to wonder why it’s so important to keep…

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How Can I Sustain Change in 2015?
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Welcome to our very first Blog Hop for 2015! This month we want to help you start the year off with a fresh start featuring articles, how-to’s and resources that…

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