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Suggested Reading:

  • Creative or Reactive? A short article outlining the difference between creative and reactive leadership stances.
  • The Scarf Model  A wonderful article from the NeuroLeadership Institute outlining recent research into social threats and their implication for leadership.

Ask us about these Endorsed Programs:

  • Certified Complexity Leadership: The Certified Complexity Leadership (CCL) curriculum provides the leadership skills training necessary to create thriving organizational cultures in complexity. Focusing on health care leadership, but applicable in any organization operating at national or international scales.  Achieving designation as a Certified Complexity Leader through Instincts at Work will show that you have what it takes to lead system wide transformation.
  • The Science of Emotional Intelligence: Foundational Learning on any leader’s development journey. Learning to master your own emotions and foster emotions in others that support organizational alignment and performance excellence is a prerequisite for leading effectively. As Daniel Goleman says, “The primary job of leadership is emotional.”