Client Speak

Testimonials from Leadership Development Clients

” Please know Sharon that you are a blessing in my life. I never would have thought that something I was obliged to do would end up being so crucial to my well-being.

 ~ Melissa V., Ottawa, ON

“While others promise what they can do to really move you forward, Sharon Lewis delivers and then some.  Her willingness to be present, to stay with you and to be judgment free, regardless of this issues, is mesmerizing.  Sharon has had an impact on my choices, limitations and my future.  Spend just 30 minutes speaking with her, receiving her brilliance and your world will be forever changed.  If change is what you desire, she will bring it.  Be careful what you wish for.  It may be a messy journey but it will move forward.  Deep gratitude for every moment you have been present and a contribution.”

 ~ Christine McIver, Toronto, ON

“After my coaching with Sharon, I am getting better at giving myself time to assess a situation prior to reacting which has enabled me to see possibilities previously unseen and definitely unexplored.  In addition, I am doing a much better job of putting things in perspective when I deal with others.  I am still working on it but I have made large strides in my listening skills. Sharon helped me clarify the issue and stay on topic.  She also helped me to see things from different perspectives.”

~ Patricia Stowe


“My experiences with the program and the coaching sessions were fantastic and have really improved my interactions with others in the family and more business partners.  I have really learned a lot through the program. The coaching provided the extra amount of practical assistance that made the transition successful.  Sharon is an excellent coach and provides meaningful feedback and coaching that I would recommend for others.”

~ CW


“The EQ coaching with Sharon provided a great sounding board for issues that I was trying to deal with on my own. Sharon was very good at drawing out the issues so that by talking about them I could see them from a new perspective. She also injected very valuable insights into the conversation that I would not have come to on my own. Her advice was impartial, she provided a scheduled time to review what was going on for me and we developed concrete action plan s to problems that started off as very fuzzy Sharon was really great, she was able to draw out whatever was on my mind and provided great guidance and insight. She was also very patient and was able to project that she cared without giving the impression of getting too personal. It’s great to be able to have a conversation that’s all about you and your life since so many conversations we have are about trying to help other people and solve their problems. This was a great program – I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.”

~ Laura Payne


“Sharon helped me to understand how I can better control my emotions to get the results I’m looking for.  She helped me to approach things from a different point of view and gave me a fresh perspective. She also gave me “tools” and pointers I can use in the future. The coaching allowed me to take a step back and reflect and look forward. We never have time for this. It helped me to realize my impact on others. And it helped me identify what I can do better to improve both my working and personal relationships. Sharon was a great listener and really helped me to think. She also helped me come up with solutions on my own but also had good suggestions. She was empathetic and really understood how I felt.”

~   TC, BMO


“The coaching sessions helped me to organize my thoughts and find a much more productive and calming way to resolve any issues that I was confronted with.  My coach was easy going and a very good listener. Her ability to take the information I gave and expand on it was extremely helpful. I found it very valuable to have a place to discuss an issue as it happens not after it has already happened. I got an outsider’s perspective and skilled unbiased opinions that helped me to look at things a bit differently as I deal with situations. Sharon was very good.  She listened and was able to add insight and suggest some options when it was discussed. I found the sessions helpful not only from a business perspective but also from a personal perspective. I find that I better prepare myself for meetings and discussions.”

~ Paolo Piro

“Not having been through any coaching programs before, I had my reservations about the process, but once I started, it felt quite comfortable for me, and I found it very helpful in opening up and expressing in a way that I had not done before.  I could compare the coaching sessions to practice sessions for dealing with situations that I come across in my professional life.  Most times we go through a training session and learn certain things, but the follow up sessions are really good for re-inforcing those learnings and putting them into actual practice.”

~ Victoria Yazdani



I would not miss an opportunity to work with Sharon again. My past experience showed me her thoroughness, intuitiveness, deep commitment and passion she brings to her work and the people she works with. There is always a sense of complete openness and trust.”

~ R.B.


“Sharon helped me to gain better understanding of myself and to set plans for my future personal growth. She encouraged me to practice the course techniques and continue with learning of emotional competencies. I have enjoyed the coaching program a great deal. I would like to thank you for this great life-improving opportunity. This was an eye opening and very valuable learning experience.”

~ Anonymous


“Sharon has provided a coaching service as a part of Emotional Intelligence course, but what started as EI coaching sessions has transcended into life coaching conversations which have truly changed my life. Sharon has shown tremendous insight and understanding, her coaching was very personal and she has established mutual trust from the first minutes of the first session. Given an opportunity, I would use Sharon’s services again any time.”

~  IB