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About Us

Vision, Mission, Values


“A world filled with leaders”

At Questiam, we see the possibility of a world filled with leaders. A world where everyone honours their vision of what is possible by contributing their own brand of brilliance without reservation or hindrance.  We see a world where everyone grows up with access to unconditional allowance. A world where we all have the means, the freedom and the encouragement necessary to actualize our potential through the pursuit and expansion of our natural abilities and curiosities. We see a world where this outcome is as much a priority for businesses as profit.  We see a world filled with laughter and mutual support where fear sleeps, abundance grows and where challenge and contribution meet perfectly, are offered joyously and for the pure intrinsic delight of it.


Questiam works with leadership training companies and with individual leaders in the public and private sector to turn on and roll out the spirit of leadership. We help leaders to manage their own fear, step into their own potential, maximize their productivity, creativity and joy and create abundant environments where others can do the same.


Abundance, Awareness, Beauty, Communion, Creation, Freedom, Flow, Fun, Growth.

Our Story:

Questiam was founded in 2003 out of a passion for authentic self expression and a quest to build a company that allows self expression and self development while working collaboratively toward organizational goals. Over the years we have evolved to focus on developing two key abilities that allow for authentic self expression.  They are:

  1. The ability to invent, hold and bring about a vision for a new and different future and
  2. The ability to work collaboratively with others for the creation of that future.

These two abilities, as simple as they sound, can be held responsible for much of the deeply felt joy you may encounter on your journey through life, they are also remarkably highly correlated with leadership effectiveness. 

When missing, the lack of vision and teamwork is responsible for much suffering and constraining of self expression.

These traits, essentially learning to lead and learning to function well as part of a team truly provide any individual a worthy, life-long quest filled with acquiring the skill of a master and the nuance of an artist. The integration of allowance for self and allowance for other is what is trying to happen on the planet right now. We are on the leading edge of that transformation. 

As it turns out, these two abilities are much sought after and essential within organizations. This is a time in history when tapping into the creative self expression of the individual is both badly needed often badly done with the current organizational context. Transforming organizations by developing leaders and teams who honour the individual in the pursuit of a compelling future is what we’re about.

But we can’t be everywhere at once … and so, our area of focus is to work primarily with Leaders and teams in Healthcare, Education and Technology and with single parents and single parent families. It is an odd mix, yes. Why has much to do with the personal background of the founder of the company, but also because these seem to us to be places well positioned for high leverage and high social impact as well as being some of the more innovative and creative places we can think of to spend time.

So please, spend some time here with us, and when you’re ready, spend some time with our trainers, coaches and facilitators. Use us on your quest to lead your Work, your  team & your Life.